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Maine's Strategic Highway Safety Plan

NEW! Maine's 2014 Strategic Highway Safety Plan


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 Maine publishes a new 2014 edition of its Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Maine has made significant updates to its Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP).  Last updated in 2012, the 2014 SHSP has many newly updated elements. This new edition has been approved by FHWA and was designed to meet a number of new MAP-21 requirements. These include:

  • Establishing a regular update and evaluation cycle no greater than 5 years – Maine’s will be reviewed in 2017, with 2016 performance goals established.
  • Coordination with other Safety Plans, like the Bureau of Highway Safety’s Highway Safety Plan and coordination of safety performance measures with Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO’s) and Regional Planning Organizations (RPO’s).
  • Defining High Risk Rural Roads

 States are federally required to update the SHSP every 5 years. There were significant enough changes needed in Maine’s SHSP to update ours even sooner. This effort was coordinated by the MaineDOT Safety Office, but could not be accomplished without a strong supporting cast, both within MaineDOT and by many partner agencies and organizations. Commissioners from three of the leading agencies signed a letter of support (Secretary of State, Public Safety and DOT).

 What else is new in our updated SHSP? Highlights of those changes include: Crash data has been updated; performance targets established; our many important safety partners are listed; safety strategies updated; and a section added citing MPO, RPO and Tribal relationships and related safety  activities.




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