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Maine's Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Maine's Strategic Highway Safety Plan

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 JANUARY 2014 Quick Notes


Maine Traffic Fatalities: Preliminary Year End Fatality numbers for 2013 are 144.  This compares with 164 in 2012.  In 2011, there were 136 fatalities. For more detailed past Maine fatality data, go to:


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SHSP Update: We look to update Maine’s SHSP and have a completion target date of April 30 to get that done. We will be working with many of you to identify any areas where revisions would be beneficial. So give your focus areas some thought and we look forward to your input.

New Links:

Getting Ready for the Snow and Slowing Down (MaineDOT) - Facebook Video

Move Over Law - Maine State Police Call on Drivers to Give Them Space

OUI Arrests are Down

Study: 10% of teens Treated in the ER Admit to Misusing Prescription Drugs

Man Rolls Over Car While Texting

 Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Evaluation Process Model

Maine was one of 6 states interviewed by an FHWA panel to discuss SHSP practices and approaches. Lauren Stewart, Duane Brunell, Angie Byrne and Brian Lawrence participated in the interview process.  Some of our core themes were collaboration, communication, continuity and KISS (Keep It Simple, Successful). A summary of best practices and approaches will come out of this multi-state interview process.

Evaluation Process Model (pdf) 


Maine Crash Fatalities

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    2014 Maine Crash Fatalities

    36 through 4/21/2014

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