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Maine's Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Maine's Strategic Highway Safety Plan

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 JUNE 2014

Success Stories - EMS: A Leader in SHSP Implementation

(Maine EMS is featured in this National FHWA highlight.)

Knox County Sheriff Asks for Rumble Strips to Reduce Fatal Crashes

Parents More Aware of Teen Alcohol Use

Winthrop Rumble Strip Plan on Fast U.S. 202 Gets Support From Residents

Toyota - Parent Modeling Series

(This is the first of at least four segments produced by Toyota posted on You Tube.)

• SHSP Integration webinar on MAY 29, 2014 features Maine as one of the states presenting its

SHSP story. The webinar discussed how the SHSP can be integrated with other State plans and

programs and how this encourages State partners to strive toward common goals, collectively

implement appropriate strategies, and share resources. Maine and North Dakota will share their

SHSP Integration successes.

Texting and No Seatbelts: Worrisome Teen Driver Trends

 Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Evaluation Process Model

Maine was one of 6 states interviewed by an FHWA panel to discuss SHSP practices and approaches. Lauren Stewart, Duane Brunell, Angie Byrne and Brian Lawrence participated in the interview process.  Some of our core themes were collaboration, communication, continuity and KISS (Keep It Simple, Successful). A summary of best practices and approaches will come out of this multi-state interview process.

Evaluation Process Model (pdf) 


Maine Crash Fatalities

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    2014 Maine Crash Fatalities

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