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The History of MTSC

The formation of the MTSC began through the State of Maine’s Safety Management System (SMS) being initiated by the Maine Department of Transportation. One aspect to this SMS effort was the formation of an Education Subcommittee. Through the efforts of this subcommittee and the collaborative efforts of various other transportation safety advocates, the first ever Maine Transportation Safety Conference was held in May 1997. This conference, Moving Kids Safely, identified both further concerns as well as opportunities. These concerns and opportunities brought about the formation of the MTSC.

The efforts of the MTSC have included:

  • Promotion of Safe Communities,
  • Establishment of a seat belt initiative,
  • Development of a Transportation Safety Resource Guide,
    "The Status of Transportation Safety in Maine"; and
  • The first Regional Transportation Safety Conference.

Today the Maine Transportation Safety Coalition continues to be active in serving as both a resource for those interested in Transportation safety and a promoter of transportation safety initiatives.

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