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Maine's Strategic Highway Safety Plan

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 General Links/Articles

The Status of Transportation Safety in Maine (The Latest in Maine Crash Data)

Maine Transportation Safety Coalition Honors Highway Heroes

Farmington Police Receive Grant From Drive Sober Maine Program

Portland Earns Dubious Reputation as Accident Prone

Yellow DOT Program


LifeFlight of Maine Marks 15th Anniversary at Bangor Event

Biddeford Police Department - Maine is on Facebook (They have produced and posted several videos here.)

Knox County Sheriff Asks for Rumble Strips to Reduce Fatal Crashes 

Study on the Recession's Possible Contribution to Large Reduction in Highway Fatalities

Toward Zero Deaths

Toward Zero Deaths Video

State Inviting Bids to Build Rumble Strips on Route 202

Safety Advisory: Students and Motorists Reminded to Be Safety Conscious In and Around School Zones and Bus Stops

Tired/drowsy Driving Contributing Factor in 1 of 5 Fatal Crashes

Please Stop on Red

Slow Down and Move Over Public Service Announcement

Work Zone Video1

Work Zone Video2 

School Bus Danger

Maine's Most Dangerous Intersections on WGME Today

International Eage Coverage

Blind Ambition at Every Crossing - YouTube

Self-Driving Car Crashes in California

The View from the Front Seat of the Google Self-Driving Car

Samsung "Safety Truck"

New Toward Zero Death Video

Why Are Traffic Deaths Rising

National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week PSA 

Early Estimate of Motor Vehicle Traffic Fatalities in 2015

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2014 Traffic Safety Facts

It's No Accident: Advocates Want to Speak of Car 'Crashes' Instead

National Safety Council Comments on Increased Fatalities

Wrong Way Crash in Vermont

Wrong Way Crash in Massachusetts

Suspected Overdose Led to Car Wreck in Amherst

Two Seconds - the Difference Between Life and Death

The New FHWA Strategic Highway Safety Plan Web Page

Lifeflight - Downeast Magazine 2/17

Maine has been working with this vendor to get out the safety message. Here’s the link: https://www.brilliantreflective.com/pages/giveaway


Heat Chart of Strategic Areas

Fatalities By Month 2008-2012

Maine road deaths increased to 165 in 2012

National Safety Council Estimates First National Increase in Traffic Deaths Since 2005

2013 Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws

NHTSA Traffic Safety Facts September 2012

Fatalities on Maine Roadways

Mainer's Who Work the Overnight

Maine Annual Fatalities Comparisons

2013 Preliminary Estimate of Motor Vehicle Fatalities Down 3%

Heroin Use Climbs in Maine as Cheaper Alternative to Prescription Drugs

Cable Barriers Have Big Impact in Preventing Serious Accidents

Maine Closes Out 2013 with 145 Fatalities

This Safe Driving Ad From New Zealand Will Give You The Chills

$7.5M for Opioid Abuse - BDN 10/9

AAA: New Report for Traffic Safety

MaineDOT Crash Publication: Collisions Between Wildlife and Motor Vehicles 2011-2015

MaineDOT Crash Publication: Motorcycle/Truck Crash History 2011-2015

MaineDOT Crash Publication: Crash and Highway Facts 2015

2014 Maine Highway Safety Facts Booklet

Impaired Driving Summit - April 30, 2015 - Augusta Civic Center

New State Fact Sheets: Cost of Motor Vehicle Crash Deaths

PIO Note - the numbers are not new...We released them at the end of last year. This Story is a follow-up to recent NHTSA data. The latest numbers from the Bureau of Highway Safety SHow this year's M/C fatals stand at 11, compared to 21 for the same period last year 2015

National Fatality Performance

Surge in Traffic Deaths in New England, Nation Outpaces Increase in Travel

Save The Date - New England Transportation Safety Conference


 Lane Departure

Washington State Centerline Rumble Strip Study 

Projects to curb lane departure from Iowa - Iowa Lane Departure Mitigation Guidance

Rumble Strips:

Centerline rumble strips have been shown to greatly reduce instances of lane departure and resulting crashes, particularly head-on types. MaineDOT has recently installed center line rumble strips on 3 corridors:

·     Route 1A – Dedham

·     Route 3 – Trenton

·     Route 9 – Aurora to T31

Other non-interstate rumble strip installations were put in place several years ago on Route 1, Woolwich and Route 4, Turner. Significant reductions in head-on collisions and deaths have resulted at these locations.

Warning signs have been posted.

Winthrop Rumble Strip Plan on Fast U.S. 202 Gets Support From Residents

Head-On Collisions up in Maine

Lane departure warning, blind spot detection help drivers avoid trouble, say researchers

 Illegal/Unsafe Speed

Speed Enforcement Week - Hartford Courant 5/5

Maine Speeding Tickets - BDN 7/25

Snapshot 'Speed Filter' Led to Georgia Car Crash, Lawsuit Alleges

Maine to Lower Speed Limit from 70 to 65 MPH on Crash-Prone Stretch of I-295

 Safety Belts

NHTSA Finds More Than a Third of Children Killed in Crashes Were Not in Car Seats or Wearing Seat Belts

Seat Belts Saved Gardiner-Area Teens from Serious Injury in Friday Accident

Seat Belts and a Two-Car Wreck in Dayton

The Three Seconds That Saves Lives (Seat Belt Article in Aug 16 Consumer Report)

Deadly Weekend of Crashes Shows Seat Belts Work, So Buckle Up

Seat Belts Truly Do Save Lives

43% of Kids Who Died in Car Crashes Incorrectly Restrained

 Younger Drivers


New Teen Driving Regulations

 Breakdown of Changes

CDC I Pledge Video


Deaths of Teen Driver Jumped in Early 2012

Speeding Still A Factor in a Third of Fatal Teen Driving Crashes

Teen Texting Behind Wheel Greater Risk than Drinking

Teen Drivers in Recent Fatal Accidents Ignored Law Prohibiting Teen Passengers

Study: 10% of Teens Treated in the ER Admit to Misusing Prescription Drugs

Parents More Aware of Teen Alcohol Use

Toyota - Parent Modeling Series (This is the first of at least four segments produced by Toyota posted on You Tube.)

National Teen Driver Safety Week - October 19-25, 2014

Maine Teen Driving Expo - April 11, 2015 - 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. - Maine Mall - Portland

AAA Study on Teen Driving Crashes1

AAA Study on Teen Driving Crashes2

Maine Teen Drivers

Video on Distraction and Crossing the Street

 Impaired Driving (Alcohol)


Maine Maritime Academy Alcohol Crash Efforts 

Drivers Who Die Test Positive For Drugs 25% of the Time

One Impaired Fatality Every 48 Minutes

Bath Salt Dangers

Regions Police Departments take Advantage of Expanded Drunk Driving Program

Police Were out in Force on New Year's Eve

OUI Conviction Rates Vary in Maine


Drug Overdose Deaths up for 11th Consecutive Year

NTSB Touts Ignition Locks For All Drunk Drivers

Wilton Police Make Extra OUI Checks Over the Holidays

Rumford Police Get $9,900 to Combat Impaired Driving

Bureau of Highway Safety Launches Drive Sober Maine

Augusta Police Conducted a Number of Details to get Adults to Buy Liquor for Underage People

Drugs, Driving: Prescription for Danger (PPH 9/1)

Our View: Maine Taking Right Steps to Fight Drunken Driving

Oak Hill Students Get Safe-Driving Tips

Fatalities of Pedestrians, Bicycle Riders, and Motorists Due to Distracted Driving Motor Vehicle Crashes in the U.S., 2005-2010

NHTSA Unveils 5 to Drive Safety Campaign to Reduce High Death Rate of Teens

OUI Arrests Are Down 

Man Rolls Over Car While Texting

Study: Fatal Car Crashes Involving Marijuana Have Tripled

Colorado Launches Campaign to Stop Stoned Driving

Increase in Drugged Driving Worries Piscataquis County Law Enforcement Agencies

Rural Police Face Tall Odds in Drugged-Driving Cases

Time Magazine Article on Marijuana and Driving

New CDC State-Based Fact Sheets on Drunk Driving and Restraint Use

Drugged Drivers - Portland Press Herald 9/30/14

Colorado Tops Survey of Substance Use; Mainers Among Top Consumers of Pot, Alcohol

Day Two Impaired Driving Summit Save the Date

Colorado DOT Punks Unsuspecting Public in Latest DUI Awareness Campaign (Click on Video link in this Article - very well done!)

2016 Impaired Driving Summit - Save the Date

Rising traffic deaths linked to pot

Local police agencies run impaired driver roadblock

 Distracted Driving


Comprehensive Review of Distracted Driving Released

Mythbusters: Texting While Driving


ABC 20/20 Special on Distracted Driving (3 Parts) Air Date April 22,2011



AT&T Texting PSA

USDOT Distracted Driving PSA

Governor Signs texting bill into law - Ceremonial Texting while Driving Ban 06/03

Download the pledge against distracted driving - WCSH6 - I Pledge No Distractions

Oxford Hills Distracted Driving Groups

Police Hunt Distracted Drivers

State of the Nation of cell phone distracted driving from the National Safety Council

More people surfing the Web while driving

New Driving Laws: Mother Urges Drivers to Put Down Cell Phones

Maine State Police Crack Down on Distracted Drivers

New Jersey Text Law

Distracted Driving: Crash Data Lets Phones Off the Hook

Maine Enacts Tougher Laws for Texting, Chronic OUI Offenses

The Perils of Texting While Driving 

Impact of Texting

Texting and No Seatbelts: Worrisome Teen Driver Trends

Texting and Driving Prevention Campaign

Police to Crack Down on Distracted Driving

Theater of Unsuspecting Movie-Goers Learns to Keep Eyes on the Road

Lisbon High School PSA on the Worst Decision of a Driver's Life Involving an Alcohol-Related and Distracted Driving Crash

VIDEO: Anti-Texting and Driving PSA Produced in CSRA Goes Viral

Maine High School's Program 11 Aims to Stop Texting Behind the Wheel

Teen Driving Crusade - BDN 9/29/14

AAA: Imperfect Hands-Free System Causing Potentially-Unsafe Driver Distractions

AAA: Mental Distraction Levels by Task

AAA: Mental Distraction Levels by System

Distracted Drivers - WCSH 10/10

Texting and Driving

Video on Distraction and Crossing the Street

New Ad from AT&T - It Can Wait

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month - Take Back Your Drive

One More Creative Example of Distracted Driving Messaging - this one produced by PBS Kids

Distracted Driving Awareness Month NSC

Distracted Driving Death - 8 Years Ago - BDN 4/19/2016

Pun for the road may keep drivers from being distracted

 Mature Drivers

 Mature Driver Relicensure in Regard to the Medical Advisory Board


Mature Driver Crash Statistics

Mature Driver Injuries Due to Airbag Deployment

Senior Driving Summit including Wrong Way Drivers


MPBN Maine Watch - Senior Drivers

Sun Journal Elderly Driver Articles - Part I

Sun Journal Elderly Driver Articles - Part 2

Drivers in their 80's Have Half the Teen Driver Crash Rate

Too Old to Drive: The Difficult Decision Mainers Face on Hanging up the Keys

Drive Well Toolkit: Promoting Older Driver Safety and Mobility in Your Community

Online Tools to Help Aging Drivers Stay Safe on the Roads



GHSA Report on Motorcycle Fatalities -

Pictures from the annual Governor’s Tea - United Bikers of Maine 2011 Governor's Tea

GHSA Praises Federal Report Calling for Motorcycle Safety Changes

Another Take on Motorcycle Fatals - Bangor Daily News

Motorcycle Deaths Stats Raise Eyebrows

 Winter Crashes

 Getting Ready for the Snow and Slowing Down (MaineDOT) - Facebook Video

Maine Snow Fighters Take on WInter's Worst in Vintage '50s Film

 Intersection Crashes


 Large Trucks



Perils for Pedestrians (Part 1)

Perils for Pedestrians (Part 2)

Pedestrian Deaths Drop after Three-Year Rise

Stay Safe While Walking (California Website)

It’s Up to All of Us - Pedestrian Safety (California Website)

MaineDOT Crash Publication: Pedestrian/Bicycle Crash History 2011-2015

Bicycle Death Associated with Motor Vehicle Traffic - United States, 1975-2012

Bike Education Video

Interactive Infographic By Safe Kids: How to Not Get Hit By a Car

Orono's "Heads-Up" Campaign

Maine Townsman (Articles about Pedestrians - Page 19; and Rumble Strips - Page 23)

 Large Animal (Moose/Deer)


Deer Progress Report 2011

State agencies alert drivers to roadside moose dangers; May and June peak months

Concerns About Deer Population and Crash Impacts

Collisions Between Wildlife Species and Motor Vehicles in Maine 2011-2015

Deer Management Efforts - Led By Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Most Recent IF&W Press Release Including April 11th Data -

Deer Progress Report 2011

Press Release (April 2011)

Maine Moose Population

Moose Collisions Spark Call for Hunting Regulation Changes

Road to Survival for Bald Eagles Includes Alert Motorists

New Lights Could Curb Moose Hits

With Turkeys Gone Wild, Maine Expands Hunting

Deer Collisions Abound on Stretch of Unity Road Highlighting Recent Maine Issue

Moose-Car Collisions in Maine Decreasing, but Danger Remains

This Winter, Some Maine Animals Fitter Than Others

State Farm Releases 13th Annual Deer-Vehicle Collision Study

Moose Hunting Permits Cut 24%

Tracking Wildlife Roadkill in Maine Offers a Path to Saving Lives

Winter Ticks Threaten Maine Moose

As Maine’s moose herd declines, so do moose-vehicle collisions

 Operating After Suspension

 A Quick Look at Recent OAS Fatal Crashes

 Emergency Response Services

Nationwide PSA involving Emergency Services -Move Over PSA

Bill Nemitz: A catastrophic crash, then angel appears

Police Hail Off-Duty Nurse

Move Over Law - Maine State Police Call on Drivers to Give Them Space

Success Stories - EMS: A Leader in SHSP Implementation

(Maine EMS is featured in this National FHWA highlight.)

Webinar Recording: Involving EMS in the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) Process Webinar #1 (Jay Bradshaw and Duane Brunell)



Maine Crash Fatalities

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